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Site Updated May 1st, 2024
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2024 CHJA Copper Penny I
July 17-21, 2024

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May 1 - Exciting New Classes To Be Offered At The 2024 Scottsdale Fall Classic Horse Shows

CEP is excited to introduce the 2024 CEP Equitation Championships, taking place at the Scottsdale Fall Classic 2 on October 23-27. Many of our valued exhibitors have recently expressed a desire to participate in a medal finals' style class without all of the confusion and drama. To that end, CEP will present three championships:


The $2500 CEP 3'3" Open Equitation Championship will be open to all riders, including professionals

The $1500 CEP 3'0" Equitation Championship will be open to junior and amateur riders

The $1000 CEP Outreach 2'6" Equitation Championship will be open to junior and amateur riders


Each final will consist of two rounds over fences (an equitation round and a gymnastics round) followed by a flat phase with the top eight in each receiving awards. Monies will be distributed in the form of gift certificates redeemable in the horse show office towards your show bill. For our riders, this is a chance to dress up and compete in an equitation championship with a classic format ... for the parents or adults, this is a chance to offset some, if not most, of the cost of competing at the show ... for the trainers, you can compete yourself in the 3'3" class or proudly coach and stand with your winning riders. And the best part? There is no joining of anything, no memberships, no recordings, no need to prove placings at any other shows, no qualifying ... if you enter the 2024 Scottsdale Fall Classic 2 Horse Show, you can enter and compete in any one of these classes depending upon what level you are showing at the show. More details will be published in the prize list, due out the beginning of August. In the meantime, make plans to attend and let CEP give you an experience like you've never seen before in this state!

P.S. Did I mention the Trainer Awards, to be presented to the trainer of the winning rider of each championship? You'll have to come see what we have in mind!

May 1 - Updated Sponsorship Information Available For The 2024 Scottsdale Fall Classic Horse Shows

An updated sponsorship packet for the 2024 Scottsdale Fall Classic Horse Shows, taking place on October 16-20 and October 23-27 in Scottsdale, Arizona is now available. Click here to view and print out the packet. Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in getting involved with CEP as a sponsor and we hope to see your name on our sponsor list soon!

Apr 25 - Vendor Forms Now Available For 2024 CHJA Copper Penny Horse Shows 

The vendor information form and application are now available online for the 2024 CHJA Copper Penny Horse Shows in Estes Park. Click on the "Vendors" link along the top heading to visit that page.

Apr 25 - Results Link Now Available For The 2024 Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows 

A "Results" tab is now available so that exhibitors can view results from the 2024 Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows. Visit the Horse Shows page and click on the "Results" tab for each show to view. You can also print out specific class results for submission to various organizations as needed. For example, AHJA recently published that medal qualifiers must have the horse shows submit their placings from all shows in order to be eligible for their medal finals. Considering the number of medal and equitation classes we offer, multiplied by the potential number of placings in each class, we are unable to research and forward individual results for our shows. Exhibitors are encouraged to search for, print out and submit their own results to AHJA or any other organization requesting such.

Apr 25 - 2024 Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows A Wrap 

CEP would like to take a moment to thank everyone who attended and supported the 2024 Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows. The past two weeks were an amazing example of how our local rated Arizona shows can be successful and continue to run for many years. Exhibitors and trainers from not only Arizona, but six surrounding states, competed at one or both weeks of the shows and entry counts were very healthy. Despite some of the recent challenges faced by CEP, the hunter jumper community in Arizona came through with an incredible show of support, and we are grateful ... thank you!

Mar 29 - Vendor Forms Now Available For 2024 CEP Shows At Westworld 

The vendor information form and application are now available online for all CEP shows at Westworld in 2024. Click on the "Vendors" link along the top heading to visit that page.

Mar 28 - USEF MAAP SafeSport Letter Now Available For 2024 CEP Shows At Westworld 

The USEF requires that every competition provides the USEF MAAP SafeSport letter, either in a direct email communication or by posting in places such as websites and horse show offices. Since CEP does not keep an active email database, notification is being made via this website and at the horse show office for all shows in 2024. You can click here to view this letter from the USEF.

Mar 11 - CHJA Copper Penny Horse Shows Prize List & Documents Now Available Online 

The prize list, schedules, RV Reservation form and other related documents for the 2024 CHJA Copper Penny Horse Shows is now available online. Follow the link above to Horse Shows / Colorado to view and download your copies today. Please note that all entries must now be done online through the website, so no entry blanks are to be found here. There are detailed instructions on how to enter using this service contained in the prize list. There is no additional charge to use this online entry service!

Mar 7 - CEP Statement On New AHJA Show Approval Rules 

In a recent conversation with AHJA leadership, CEP has been informed of new show approval rules that have already taken effect in 2024. As a result, CEP is releasing the following statement:

"In a recent series of rule changes, the Arizona Hunter Jumper Association (AHJA) has decided to follow the Zone 8 geographic pointing area, which allow shows in California, as well as numerous other states in and around Zone 8, to count for points within AHJA. This means that if you show at an AHJA-approved show in any of the following states … Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas … you can accrue points towards AHJA year-end awards. While there is some type of multi-category system that AHJA says they'll implement, these new rules allow AHJA-approved shows in these twelve states to have their points count in Arizona.


CEP has always believed that the primary mission of a state organization like AHJA was to support the horses, owners, riders, trainers and horse shows within the state. By allowing horse shows outside of Arizona to become AHJA approved, even some that are on the same week as Arizona shows, this organization is disregarding the majority of its members who can’t or don’t show out of state, and the struggling horse shows that need the support and help from within the state to survive.


Moving forward, CEP cannot support AHJA under these new rules. Therefore, CEP will not offer the AHJA Medal classes, pay any AHJA per horse fees and offer to host the AHJA Championships or AHJA Medal Finals as it has done in the past. However, CEP feels that it owes the members who did join and do want points, even under the new rules, to earn them, so results from all CEP shows will still be sent to AHJA to be posted. Other AHJA-pointed shows are currently operating under similar circumstances, so CEP would simply be following in their footsteps.


Making decisions that only benefit a few is not what is best for the majority of the membership who live, work and want to show in Arizona. Approving shows outside of Arizona on the same dates of Arizona shows will only serve to make our local shows even weaker. If AHJA doesn’t like the Arizona shows, help to make them better, don’t just dismiss them to die and approve other shows out of state because a select few can afford to travel to California, or elsewhere … most exhibitors in Arizona cannot."

Please note that the AHJA Medal classes currently listed in the Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows prize list will not be held. Results of all classes will be forwarded to AHJA for posting. Exhibitors who are AHJA members and want their points for showing at the Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows should follow-up with AHJA to insure their placings are properly credited.

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