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January 20 - CEP Announces New Summer Series At Hipico Santa Fe In August

CEP is proud to announce that it will produce and manage a three week summer series of shows, taking place at the beautiful Hipico Santa Fe facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The shows will all be USEF National (A) rated and Jumper 3, and take place August 10-14, August 17-21 and August 24-28. While CEP and Hipico are working on schedules and class offerings, special classes will include Hunter Derbies and Grand Prixs on the grass! Stay tuned to the CEP website for additional information in the coming weeks. 

January 17 - Scottsdale Spring Prize List & Related Documents Now Available Online

The prize list and related documents for the 2022 Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows, scheduled March 24-27 and March 30-April 3 at Westworld, are now available online. Visit the Horse Shows / Arizona page to view, download and print your copies today!


December 8 - CEP To Offer AQHA Hunter Jumper Classes At The 2022 Scottsdale Spring Classic

After getting preliminary approval from the USEF, USHJA and the AQHA, CEP is excited to announce that it will offer three sets of AQHA Special Event Hunter Jumper classes at the 2022 Scottsdale Spring Classic. The AQHA classes will be offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Each day will have a full set of classes under a judge ... three days under three different judges ... offering the chance to earn three sets of points in the following classes:

  • AQHA Level 1 Working Hunter 2'6"

  • AQHA Progressive Working Hunter 2'6"

  • AQHA Junior Working Hunter 2'6"

  • AQHA Youth Working Hunter 2'6"

  • AQHA Select Working Hunter 2'6"

  • AQHA Amateur Working Hunter 2'6"

  • AQHA Youth Equitation O/F 2'6"

  • AQHA Select Equitation O/F 2'6"

  • AQHA Amateur Equitation O/F 2'6"

  • AQHA Youth Equitation Flat

  • AQHA Select Equitation Flat

  • AQHA Amateur Equitation Flat

  • AQHA Senior Working Hunter 2'9"

  • AQHA Junior Hunter Hack

  • AQHA Youth Hunter Hack

  • AQHA Select Hunter Hack

  • AQHA Amateur Hunter Hack

  • AQHA Senior Hunter Hack

  • AQHA Youth Working Hunter U/S

  • AQHA Amateur Working Hunter U/S

  • AQHA Open Working Hunter U/S

  • AQHA Open Jumping 3'0"-3'3"

  • AQHA Youth Jumping 3'0"-3'3"

  • AQHA Amateur Jumping 3'0"-3'3"

Since the Scottsdale Spring Classic is a USEF-licensed competition, these classes are being offered under the USHJA's Outreach Program, which allows AQHA exhibitors to compete WITHOUT having to join the USEF and USHJA. In addition, there are no Non-Member or Show Pass Fees, horses do not have to be microchipped, owners, riders and trainers do not have to be SafeSport compliant and entries do not have to pay the $23 USEF Fee. CEP is working with the AQHA on the details as this is a new venture for CEP and they are helping guide us through uncharted territory. Stay tuned to this website for updates and, coming soon, the prize list for these shows. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

November 29 - CEP Announces Affiliation With USHJA Outreach Program At Shows In 2022

For the 2022 show season, CEP is proud to announce that all of its horse shows in Arizona will participate in the USHJA's Outreach Program. What exactly does this mean?  

If you show in any of the following sections / classes at one of CEP's rated horse shows at Westworld, they will now be conducted under the USHJA’s Outreach Program​​ (sections include both hunter and equitation classes; Outreach Hunter and Jumper classes are open to all riders, including professionals):

  • Walk-Trot Poles Section 4”

  • Crossrail Section 12”

  • Future Rider Section 18”

  • Short Stirrup 17 & U Section 2’0”

  • Long Stirrup 18 & O Section 2’0”

  • Beginner Rider Section 2’3”

  • Low Children’s Section 2’6”

  • Low Adult Section 2’6”

  • Modified Child / Adult Section 2’9”

  • Outreach Hunter 2’0” (new)

  • Outreach Hunter 2’3” (new)

  • Outreach Hunter 2’6” (new)

  • Outreach Hunter 2’9” (new)

  • 0.70m Jumper

  • 0.80m Jumper

  • 0.90m Jumper

  • Greenway / CEP Equitation Classic 2’6”

  • Carousel Hunter Derby 2’ to 2’9”

  • CEP Equitation Challenge 2' to 2'9" (new)

You are still competing in a regular USEF-licensed National (A) or Regional (B) show (these classes are NOT part of a schooling show), but these classes are now being conducted under the USHJA’s Outreach Program. This means:

  1. Horses do not need to be registered, recorded or have a microchip

  2. Riders, trainers and owners do not need to be a member of the USEF or USHJA, there are no Non Member or Show Pass fees and they do not need to be SafeSport compliant

  3. Entries do not have to pay the $23 USEF Fee

  4. And the best part … entry fees for classes listed above are only $20, $25 or $30 per class


If you’re a trainer on a young horse just looking for mileage and experience … if you currently go to local schooling shows and want to move up to a higher quality of show … if you’ve never shown at a USEF show and just want to try it for the first time ... if you’re a show ring veteran and want an alternative to the high prices and mandatory USEF requirements … if you just want to show your horse and you don’t care about Zone or National year-end awards or qualifying … then these USHJA Outreach classes are for you! Simple, affordable and without all of the mandatory USEF requirements that make your showing experience so expensive.

Be sure to look closely at the 2022 Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows prize list when it becomes available to see the many benefits and rewards of this program.