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November 20 - Grand Prix & Other Things On Saturday Evening

On Saturday, November 21st at 6:45pm, the Equidome comes alive with the opening ceremonies, fun classes and special presentations, all leading to the biggest class of the entire show, the Grand Prix of Scottsdale, at 7:30pm. Sixteen of the top horse and rider combinations from around the western US will compete for top prize money over a course of fences set at 1.35m in height, designed by Mike Gallaway from Oregon. Parking and admission are free for all spectators all day. Remember, the Good Guy Car Show is taking place at Westworld this weekend, so when you drive onto the property, be sure to tell the parking staff that you are with the horse show, and they won’t charge you any parking fee. The regular show, with four rings of competition, starts at 8:00am and runs until 5:00pm.


November 16 - CEP Explains Reduced Hospitality

After more than 20 years of being able to provide a high level of hospitality to its exhibitors, CEP has regretfully come to the point that it can no longer afford to keep offering free exhibitor’s dinners, welcome parties and receptions involving food at its shows in Scottsdale. CEP’s Chris Collman explains, “for many years, we were allowed to contract with local restaurants and catering companies to provide our exhibitor’s dinners, receptions and general hospitality. And by utilizing several different companies, we could keep the pricing fair and competitive … on average, we were paying $6 to $9 per person for a reception or welcome party, and between $9 and $12 per person for a complete exhibitor’s dinner.” Chris continues, “the new policy at Westworld is that all catering must now be done through M Catering, the company that has the exclusive contract to provide catering to all Westworld events, and as you can imagine, the pricing has gone through the roof. Their menu reflects pricing that is more than double, and in some cases triple, of what we were used to paying. We cannot afford to pay $18 to $20, or more, per person for an exhibitor’s dinner, regardless of quality.” CEP was able to provide donuts and bagels over the past weekend, and will do so again this coming weekend. “We went ahead and contracted M Catering for the donuts and bagels, just so we could have something to give to our exhibitors. Spending over $1000 just for donuts and bagels was very painful, but we went ahead and did it. We just can’t afford to spend as much money as it would cost now for a party or dinner,“ Chris says. “We hope that our valued exhibitors will still see the excellence in our shows and how technically-correct they are, and still attend them.”


November 15 - Live Daily Link Now Available For Arizona Season Finale II, Revised Schedule & Added Jumper Classes

The Live Daily link is now active for the Arizona Season Finale II, scheduled for November 18-22. Check the link after 7:00pm nightly for updated schedules, class counts and times for the next day. Be sure to check the Horse Shows page for the revised schedule for this week, Revised Schedule A. Finally, by popular request, we have added a .70m Jumper section with classes each day. On Sunday, we have added a $100 .70m Jumper Stake and a $100 .80m Jumper Stake.


November 15 - Greenway / CEP Equitation Classic Finalists

Due to the limited number of qualifying classes held this year, any and all riders who participated in a Greenway / CEP Eq Classic during the 2015 show year is eligible for the finals this week being held at the 2015 Arizona Season Finale II. The first round takes place on Friday early afternoon, followed by the final jumper round taking place in the Equidome on Friday evening. See the schedule and stop by the show office for more details. Congratulations to all of the qualifiers and best of luck!


September 24 - Clarified Requirements To Bring Horses Onto Westworld Property

All horses entering Westworld property must have accompanying paperwork for each horse (negative Coggins dated within 12 months and, if the horse comes from outside of Arizona, a Health Certificate dated within 30 days) and such paperwork must be presented to horse show staff immediately upon arrival. This paperwork will be taken to the office and photocopied, and attached to the entries. The originals can be claimed in the office. If any horses do not have the required paperwork, they will not be allowed to unload and must be removed from the property until such paperwork can be presented. See the detailed instructions on the first page of the fall prize list.


September 3 - Arizona Season Finale II To Be AHJA Double-Pointed

The Arizona Season Finale II, scheduled for November 18-22 at Westworld, will host the AHJA Medal Finals and is now AHJA double-pointed. So be sure to attend the final rated show of the season and get double points in the race for a year-end award!


December 12 - Hunt Cup Horse Shows And Four Reel Farm Shows Announce High Point Series Awards

Managements of the Hunt Cup Horse Shows and the Four Reel Farm Horse Shows have joined forces in 2015 to offer high point series awards in five sections: Walk-Trot Rider, Cross Rail Rider, Future Rider, Pre-Child / AA and Modified Child / AA sections. All classes (Hunter Over Fences, Hunter Under Saddle, Equitation Over Fences, Equitation Flat and Pleasure) offered for beginner or intermediate riders within these sections at any Hunt Cup or Four Reel Farm horse show during the 2014 show season are eligible (Dec 1, 2013 through Nov 30, 2014). Classes that are open to all, including professionals, are not eligible. Points in all classes to be awarded 10, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/2. In the event of a tie at the end of the year, the entry with the most points over  fences wins. High point awards will be presented during the Four Reel Farms show on December 4-5. Keep checking back on this website and the Four Reel Farm website ( for standings throughout the year.

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The 2015 Arizona Fall Shows prize list is here ... click on the Horse Show link above to go to the page where you can download the information, schedules and entry blanks!!!