Site Updated July 25th, 2017

July 25 - Estes Park Festival & Copper Penny II Horse Show Links With Counts And Times Now Active

Visit the Horse Shows page to click on the appropriate link.


June 17 - Questions Regarding Entry Procedures For Both Estes Park Shows

CEP has received a few inquiries on what needs to be done to enter both shows the second week. If you plan to show in both the Estes Park Festival and the Copper Penny II on July 26-30, click here to read what you need to know.


June 16 - Update About Golf Carts For The Estes Park Horse Shows

If you need to rent a golf cart for the Estes Park Horse Shows, please contact Colorado Golf & Turf at (303) 761-3332 and ask for Mary to reserve one. Colorado Golf & Turf is the new official supplier of golf cart rentals for the Estes Park Horse Shows. Inventory is limited and time is short, and there will NOT be any carts for rent on the grounds … you need to pre-order one and have it delivered … so if you need a golf cart, please call them right away. The company originally listed in the prize list is no longer affiliated with the shows.


May 13 - Copper Penny And Estes Park Festival Prize Lists Now Available Online

The prize lists for the Copper Penny I & II Horse Shows and the Estes Park Festival Horse Show are now available online. Go to the Horse Shows page to view and download your copies today!


May 13 - CEP Announces Changes To Scottsdale Fall Shows In October

Instead of running two back-to-back USEF Regional I (B) shows in October, CEP has decided to make the first week a Hunt Cup Horse Show (Oct 22) followed by one USEF Regional I (B) show, the Scottsdale Fall Classic (Oct 27-29). It is CEP’s hope that by doing this, all of the rated horses will attend the one show, and if there are at least 75 horses actively competing, the show can apply for an upgrade to National (A) rating in 2018. So if you want to see this show go back to a National (A) rating next year, please help us get to at least 75 showing horses this year!


May 13 - Updated Remaining CEP 2017 Show Schedule For Arizona

The updated schedule of remaining CEP horse shows in Arizona for 2017 includes:


USEF Rated Shows

Oct 27-29  /  Arizona Fall Classic  /  USEF Regional I (B) & Jumper 1

Nov 15-19  /  Arizona Season Finale  /  USEF National (A) & Jumper 3  /  USHJA Zone 8 Championship


Hunt Cup Shows

Oct 1  /  Hunt Cup October I

Oct 22  /  Hunt Cup October II

Nov 18-19  /  Hunt Cup November


All shows held at the Westworld Equestrian Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Please note that the above schedule is subject to change at management’s discretion.


February 4 - CEP Announces Date Change For Hunt Cup September

CEP has just been informed by Westworld that its traditional Hunt Cup date in September is no longer available, having been given to another event. So the Hunt Cup September will now move a week later and be held on Sunday, October 1, 2017 and be renamed the Hunt Cup October I. Same show, same two rings, just a week later!


February 4 - So Why Are The October Shows Only Regional I (B) Rated?

A trainer recently emailed CEP asking why the two weeks in October were not USEF National (A) rated? The answer is simple … ever since the USEF / USHJA instituted minimum entry numbers for shows based upon rating, the two October shows have failed to get at least 100 horses each, therefore failing to meet the minimum entry count needed to keep its National (A) rating. A USEF National (A) rated show must have at least 100 horses (75 now due to recent rule change) actively compete in order to keep its rating. If not, it is reclassified to the next lower level, which in this case is Regional I (B) rated. As long as the show gets at least 50 horses, it can keep its Regional I (B) rating. If the show grows and breaks 75 horses in 2017, it can re-apply for a National (A) rating for the following year. This is also what has happened to the HITS Arizona Winter Circuit in Tucson. So, it’s not management’s choice to run a lower rated show … it is required by rule when not enough entries participate.


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