Site Updated March 22nd, 2016

Mar 22 - Link For Scottsdale Spring Classic Now Active

Click on the link on the Horse Shows page to see the class counts, times and results of previous day’s classes.


Jan 30 - Prize List For The Scottsdale Spring Shows Now Available Online

The prize list and entry blanks for the Scottsdale Spring Shows are now available online. Follow the link to the Horse Shows page to view and download.


Jan 27 - Hunt Cup March & Grand Canyon State Games Prize List Now Available Online

The prize list, schedule and entry blanks for the Hunt Cup March (March 18-20) and the Grand Canyon State Games Equestrian (March 24-26) are now available online. Click on the Horse Shows link to view and download. These two shows take place in conjunction with the two weeks of the USEF National (A) rated Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows and offer three days of Outreach classes each week at an affordable cost.


Jan 23 - Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows Schedule Released

The schedule for the 2016 Scottsdale Spring Horse Shows is now available online. Click here to view and download it, or go to the Horse Shows page to download. The prize list will become available online on or before January 30th. The Outreach classes will be offered on Saturday and Sunday the first week as part of the Hunt Cup March, and on Friday and Saturday the second week as part of the Grand Canyon State Games Equestrian. This prize list will also become available online on or before January 30th as well.


Dec 12 - 2016 CEP Horse Show Schedule Announced

CEP is proud to announce its 2016 schedule of horse shows in Arizona and Colorado. See the Horse Shows page for details.


Dec 12 - Greenway / CEP Equitation Classic Program To Expand In 2016

Greenway Saddlery and CEP are proud to announce changes to, and the expansion of, the Greenway / CEP Equitation program for 2016. Three classes will be offered, and include the Greenway / CEP 3’3” Equitation Classic, the Greenway / CEP 3’0” Equitation Classic and the Greenway / CEP 2’6” Equitation Classic. Qualifying classes will be held at all CEP shows throughout the year (the 2’6” class will also be offered at the Four Reel Farm shows), with the finals taking place at the 2016 Arizona Season Finale on November 16-20 in Scottsdale. See the Greenway / CEP Eq Classic page for details!


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The 2016 CEP Arizona and Colorado horse show schedule is here ... click on the Horse Show link above to go to the page where you can see all the shows for the entire year!